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Hey There

In 2015, shortly after buying a foreclosed property on 10 acres just a mile from the family farm of where I grew up my sister had started a new hobby making doorhangers!

She shared her enthusiasm with me and soon after I followed.


I spent every minute of everyday painting and creating new designs when I wasn’t at my full time job.


With this new obsession of mine we started selling at small craft fairs. The obsession with painting and creating continued and I would day dream every day at work of turning this little hobby into a full time career. At this time handmade businesses were just that. A hobby. 

Shortly after followed a Flea Market booth at a very popular location. The only booth that was available at the time was a very large booth. The owner had explained to me that I would need to fill the booth with other larger items besides doorhangers. She suggested that I try painted furniture. So, with that my creative mind started in all different directions again!

I set out to find my first piece. It was a very large picnic table with two benches. I painted it white and distressed it a little. I even applied a furniture appliqué to the top. We set it up in the booth and it was gone in one day.

You can see where this is going! I quickly realized I had a gift for painting furniture. I again found myself buying used furniture online and painting every minute that I was not at work. Every weekend my husband was helping me as this little side hustle we created was booming!

In 2017 after working full time for the City I turned in my notice. The real journey had begun. Two months of living my dream I talked my husband of quitting his job to. We both found ourselves in multiple flea market booths throughout NWA, doing numerous shows  painting furniture, making doorhangers and now building farmhouse furniture. 


In 2019, two months before the Covid pandemic we opened our first store front in Prairie Grove Arkansas to sell all of our Creations. This is where Sweetwater Creek was born. The name Sweetwater Creek come from the small creek that runs through the family farm where I grew up. Growing up in a large farming family I have always felt very blessed for my childhood and my experiences. I wanted this company to have something that my family could share. 

Back to the pandemic. What a year 2020 & 2021 was. Ron and I have always been able to change what we are  doing with the variety of products that we offer to keep this little business open. However by the end of 2021 we were at another fork in the road when our lease come up in Prairie Grove. We had built this location up during the pandemic and we survived. Now we either continue with shows or we keep our store open. Our decision was easy. Our good Lord has been guiding us throughout this whole beautiful journey.


Our new location in Fayetteville is now bigger and our selection is better than ever. We’re doing what we were meant to do.


We invite you to stop in and see our beautiful journey. 

Joni and Ron

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